Renewable Energy Generation Output Index, the background for the HREM

Four years ago several of us started out thinking about how to strengthen the dollar. We were looking for solutions that would stabilize value, facilitate growth, and minimize effects of inflation, deflation, and manipulation. We developed a renewable energy generation output index, or REGO index. This index could measure and value the output of an economy’s renewable energy production.

Using renewable energy as the basis for value instead of fossil energy or previous valuation basis, such as gold, was an important choice because renewable energy can become an infinite, distributed resource that everyone can produce with free market potential. This is unlike fossil energy, which is a finite, controlled commodity subject to frequent supply and demand fluctuations. However, it became clear that something was missing from the approach.

Recently, we believe we have figured out why. We hadn’t gone to the most basic form of renewable energy, which is human labor/energy. Another way to think about it would be human ‘born value’ potential. The next step was to have an equation that equates human energy to BTU’s or any other accepted energy measure.

This would be the universally accepted measure the currency could be pegged to, similar to the way measures of time, horsepower, and distance are pegged to universally accepted quantities or equations. When currency is linked in this way to something with the capacity to expand with the growth of economies and is accessible to every human, we have made a very powerful sustainable shift and moved toward an economy that more humanely distributes wealth.