Frequently Asked Questions

Who implements the human renewable energy measure?

Nobody and everybody… like any of our useful measurements, once society finds them necessary and practical, they are adopted into general use. Examples would be measures for distance, temperature and time.

Isn’t the world population too big for this to work?

Any measurement accepted by society as essential for social interaction or pure science purposes etc., will work no matter how big or small the population. All that matters is consistency.

Are there enough natural resources worldwide for everyone to receive education, food, and shelter for their 15 hour or less contribution of work per week?

Yes, according to our sources. Education is not, by its nature, expensive. Our economy artificially inflates this expense in order to make money for investors and banks. Food is abundant. The distribution of it is the problem. Again, this is because money is in the way. And there is always shelter somewhere. You can see, everywhere, empty apartments, houses and buildings that could be converted to housing.

What about greedy people?

If the human renewable energy measure comes into use, greedy people will be redefined, for the most part, as ambitious people. What is greed in our present economy and does harm to others with shortages of necessities would not harm a population that is using the HREM. Their education, food and shelter are guaranteed for their 15 hours or less work week (World wide). Then the ‘free market’ can come into play.

Will there be a ‘free market’?

Yes, and it will actually be a free market! The first 15 or less hours that guarantee education, food and shelter (EFS) are essentially a barter system. After that, if you want more you sell your services on the ‘free market’. You have control over how much you are paid and can not be forced to work for next to nothing because your basic survival depends on your doing so. You can afford to wait until someone offers you a wage you feel is fair.

How does it work?

We see examples of how this works everyday. One example is the military. They promise education, food and shelter in exchange for the use of your life for however much time you ‘signed up’. This can be risky because you may not come out of this experience alive. Another example is a religious commune. They take care of their members form birth with the basic EFS as long as they live and work within the commune and accept their teachings. Worldwide use of the HREM guarantees EFS Worldwide.

Who pays for all of this?

Full employment. Everyone of working age is employed and works 15 hours or less, at what they do best, per week. These 15 hours work like a barter system (no money involved) where we all trade our time for EFS.

What do we do about lazy people?

No one can sit and do nothing. Humans are built to move about, observe and accomplish things. And there will always be people who work harder than others. Also, the definition of what is work will evolve and expand.

Every country has different monetary systems… how can this work?

Actually, the monetary systems are irrelevant. All currencies are corrupt and cannot hold their value. The HREM holds and measures the real value in economic systems, the intellect and labor of human beings.

What kind of education is available?

All education is available. You can choose to have education to whatever level your intellect and motivation allow.