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An Introduction to an Crowd Sourced Book on the HREM

An Introduction to an Crowd Sourced Book on the HREM

The following is a rough draft start to a manuscript for a book on the HREM. We are hoping to develop this into something more with the help of others who want to contribute to the growth and understanding of the Human Renewable Energy Measure. People all over the world are suffering and we believe the HREM must be the starting point to help make a difference.

If you would like to learn more about the HREM, please visit our programming site or watch our videos on our YouTube channel.

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Thanks. Jeff and Susan

How do humans develop functions and systems they are willing to live with and within?  The answer is; by agreement.  People must communicate with each other in order to agree.  This makes language development our first significant agreement and technology.  Technology being defined as what makes our collective and individual lives better.  

Once we could communicate with each other some of the first agreements we came to as a species were how to measure important aspects of everyday life.  For example – distance, time, volume, weight, speed etc.  Many of these measures were thought of and agreed upon in order to serve the economics and trade as they evolved through the centuries.  Traders needed time and distance measures to determine when they should arrive at post to meet laborers who would unload and take to market their goods.  Armies also needed these kind of measures to determine how far they would be traveling to meet an apposing force and how much food supply to bring in order to sustain their soldiers.  Many measures were first conceived to serve war.  The use of iron to make weapons preceded it’s use for plow making.  In this way measures serve technology and the same technology can be used for destruction or creation.  A hammer can be a weapon or a tool to build shelter.  Here we are face to face with intent.  What is our intent.  Where do we, collective humanity, want our energies and the creations of that energy to be used and how?  Farmers use the same kind of measurements that generals use, but to different purpose.  They want to determine the size in acres of their lands and then be able to buy enough seed and crop trees accurately for the planting of these lands.  Then they want to determine how much these crops could produce in order to find out what kind of profit for their work effort was possible.

Basic measurement agreements world wide have evolved over centuries not by government decrees but by human agreement grounded in real experience.  A person wants to go from here to there and wants to know how long it will take.  The need to measure this concept arose for different reasons over and over again.  Finally a solution that worked best was agreed upon and became a measurement because it worked.  So, first a need arrises that persists and is prevalent.  Then possible solutions are considered and by trial and error and deduction the best solution is chosen, agreed upon by the majority of interested parties and a measurement is born.  If the agreed upon measure holds for many different circumstances and localities it becomes more generally accepted and most people who are using it regularly don’t even know where it came from – it works and is accurate enough.  If an individual thinks about it at all it might go like this – we have always done it this way and not gotten into trouble, most of the time.  This kind of thinking was involved in most of our basic ways of measuring which include, time, distance, weight, volume, speed etc.  These kinds of deductions and agreements are true “greater good” agreements.  They are there to make things easier and more understandable for all of us and are not laws or constitutional agreements but humane agreements.

What the Human Renewable Energy Measure concept is trying to bring to the attention of humanity at this point in history is that we need another basic measurement for humans;  a humane agreement that can be used to make the practice of economics fair.  And, as usual it will start with our oldest and best technology, language.  People will speak to each other, they will communicate in the best ways they can about what they need to have happen that is not happening at this time and should be happening.  People need  solutions to questions like “Can an objective measurement be created to express and satisfy basic human needs with in our economics?”  “Can the basic needs of education/knowledge food/nutrition/water, and shelter be satisfied as the goal of economics?”  This kind of economic starting point will allow each individual on earth to more fully explore their individual potential throughout their lifetime and in this way help the larger movement of our species into a better future where wars and poverty do not exist.

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Interesting Read from Dr. Bob Johnson…

Interesting Read from Dr. Bob Johnson…

Here is an interesting paper from Dr. Bob Johnson at with some concepts that are close to the HREM philosophy. Dr Bob Johnson is a psychiatrist who has a degree from Cambridge University and the co-found of the James Nayler Foundation. Take a look and please leave any thoughts on the paper in the comments…